new report has revealed the kind of things that happen to the female genitalia when women grow older.
You are likely to experience some v*ginal health issues as you get older. Here we reveal how to prevent and relieve the symptoms of ageing.
There are many physical changes that happen to a woman as she ages. Your skin loses elasticity, wrinkles appear in places you never knew they could and your breasts give way to gravity.

But what about your more intimate parts? Unfortunately, time doesn’t pick and chose which parts of the body to age and that means your vagina will go through many physical changes too.
“There are more physical changes to the vagina during the ageing process, than the penis,” s*xual health expert and co-owner of online s ex toy retailer, Samantha Evans explained.
So how will my va gina change as it ages?
Vaginal Atrophy is a condition that affects around half of all women during menopause and 70% of women post-menopause.
“It occurs when the tissues of the vagina become thinner, less flexible, less lubricated, and inflamed as a result of decreased oestrogen levels,” said Samantha.
The bad news doesn’t stop there, your pelvic floor muscles will also become weaker over time especially after childbirth and this can lead to urinary incontinence.

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