Some women are very good at it, when it comes to taking the man they want to the bed room.
In this part of the world, women who initiate the first move when it comes to this are called different names. As a result, women have resorted to using coy means of making their intentions known to the men when they have the urge to get physical.
In relationships that involve budding young ladies, there are certain things they say that may suggest they want the men to go ahead and explore their bodies.
However, since most of these lad…
ies do not know if the men would oblige them and do their wishes, they find ways to silently send the message across to them.
Some men could also not turn out to be what the women have thought them to be, in cases like these, they may end up embarrassing them. To the ladies who deploy these coy methods of luring men to bed, it’s a fifty-fifty chance. The men could understand the hint and play along or they could play ignorant and not do anything. Either way, it is a win-win thing to the ladies.
After speaking to a couple of guys out there, we found out some of the things women say to them when they want them to get physical with them:
#1. ‘I love your lips’ Now this may be a harmless thing to say to a person when you are plainly admiring him. But when a lady say this to a man she is visiting, then she is making advances at him. She is telling him she sees him as being sensual and would love to lock lips with him.

A remark like this is filled with lust and could spin a man as he becomes more aware of himself. When a woman says this, she is probably trying to l**e the man to bed. A woman who can say this to a man behind closed doors is most likely to be ready for any s****l advances.

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