Have you ever fancied eating your dinner in the bottom of a swimming pool? Your dream is nearer reality than ever before.
The underwater restaurant
An attractive new underwater restaurant called The Pearl, has just opened in Brussels and it has left many people stunned with its features.
According to Metro UK, The Pearl is a restaurant at the bottom of a swimming pool, five metres below the surface.
It’s a magical spherical cabin (so don’t panic, there’s no water inside. You can breathe), and customers have to dive into the pool to get to their table.

Once you make it through the water and inside the cabin, you’ll be able to enjoy a meal of lobster salad, foie gras, and champagne for 99 euros. 
You’ll be served by waiters in full-on diving suits. It’s also fairly exclusive, with room for just four people. 
The creator of The Pearl, John Beernaerts, reckons the restaurant is about more than just the excitement of being underwater.
‘It’s a bit like going back to a foetal state,’ he said, ‘like in a cocoon.
‘And you can talk, discuss, exchange – but all of this in a muffled atmosphere that sort of looks like our very early days.’
The Pearl is described as looking like a golf ball with windows, so that’s nice too. It’s also supplied with oxygen by NEMO33, which is important for, well, breathing.
Anyway, if you’ve always dreamed of diving to the bottom of a pool for dinner, and perhaps pretending you are a seal or a penguin, The Pearl is open in Brussels now. 

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