Police are looking for a man who gruesomely murdered a mother and child leaving them n*ked at an abandoned house.
The mother and daughter found naked after being murdered
A mother and her daughter were found n*ked and dead in an abandoned house. The police are now looking for the murderer.
According to Sun Uk, the pair were found wrapped in bags and tied up with ropes in eastern Buenos Aires, Argentina. The victims were identified as Peruvian nationals Maruja Chacon Perez, 50, and Shirley Cielo Barrientos, 15.

The police found the teen's underwear and bloody knife a short distance from shallow three-foot hole grave. Police are investigating the cause of death and are hunting a suspect, Hugo Orlando Hidalgo, 40, believed to be the mother’s boyfriend.
Investigating prosecutor Marcelo Romero said the police investigation started after relatives reported the women’s disappearance, having heard nothing from them since January 28.
Tragic Maruja’s son Douglas Barrientos told local media about an audio recording made by one of his mother’s friends.
He said the friend had called his mother after her disappearance, recording the conversation.
On the recording, above the sound of a television in the background, his mother can be heard to say: “Please, I do not want to die.”
It was not clear whether the friend realised what was being said at the time.
Barrientos believes that the murders of his mother and teen sister are related to human trafficking, as they might have died trying to protect themselves from being sold.
The mother and her daughter were living in the city of Ensenada while her older children were living in the Peruvian capital Lima.
The investigation is ongoing.

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