A man who thought it wise to go about doing his carpentry job completely in the n*de has gotten himself into trouble.
A man is on trial for doing DIY in his birthday suit after a neighbour spotted him mixing cement while completely n*ked.
Frederick Black called police saying ‘it’s not right’ that Rob Jenner could wander around n*ked close to a primary school.
Jenner, 42, denies breaching a community protection notice and 13 public order offences, landing him in court.
The former soldier has previously admitted that he loves being n*ked while doing up his house and is proud of his buff body – but he does worry about splinters.
Frederick was on his way home from the shops when he saw Jenner n*ked and working in his front garden.
He said: ‘Kids are walking around that area all the time, it’s right by a school.

People don’t want to see that, it’s not right.’
Maidstone Magistrates’ Court on Monday heard from four witnesses whose reactions of Jenner’s nude DIY ranged from awkwardness to anger.
Witness Michael Smith dropped his children off at the nearby primary school and was driving past when he saw the defendant completely n*ked leaning on a rake before they made eye contact and Jenner walked inside.

Community warden Debbie Foreman also said she felt uncomfortable after seeing Jenner crouched down in his front garden with his genitals covered by a work belt.
The trial continues.

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