John Dumelo
John has starred in many movies that has seen him go na-ked on screen to the extent he even received some backlash from the public till he stepped out to defend himself, but unfortunately the harm has already been caused. In one of the scenes, he was so butt na-ked his penis even showed onCAMERA. He was seen sleeping with two ladies, then he walked out of bed to go to the washroom and said, “Ladies, get up”, but before he could squat,

his “ding dong” was clearly visible. There are many other movies where he has been caughtPANTS down.
Majid Michel also appeared in some movie where he was na-ked and was busily making love to a lady in one of the scenes. He was clearly pictured na-ked on camera. There have also been other movies where in an attempt to make it appear real, they go na-ked, an example is the “Dons Of Sakawa” movie.

Martha Ankomah
Martha is one of the female actresses who doesn’t mind going na-ked on set so long as it will make the movie appear good. This has earned her a bad reputation in the eyes of the public, with some calling her names. In the movie, “Hearts Of Men”, she and her friend called her ex-boyfriend who was about to get married and had sex with him before he proceeded to get married, which of course doesn’t make any sense in the movie. However, in that scene, Martha did not hesitate to show the full glare of her boobs to the camera and obviously many viewers (especially men) whoWATCHED the movie were able to describe her B00BS.Yvonne Nelson  Yvonne Nelson has been seen in some movies going na-ked, especially on the cover of the “Hearts Of Men” movie where she went whichGENERATED a lot of backlash from the public. She’s also been seen in some s.e.x scenes showing greater parts of her sacred areas.
Nikki Samonas
outspoken actress has mentioned countless times that she doesn’t see anything wrong with going na-ked in a movie and will do it again if given the role. She received a lot of backlash when she showed most of her br.e.a.s.ts in aFASHIONmishap. Aside that, she’s appeared in movies having s.e.x and exposing major parts of her body in an explicit manner. In one of such scenes, she was seen with Jim Iyke, a Nigerian actor, going at it and his mouth was all over her breasts and in the full glare of the camera.
Agya Koo
Agya Koo has always spoken against actors going na-ked on screen so it came as a shock when in the movie, Komfo Anokye, he was seen butt na-ked on screen. He denied it, but the producer clearly stated he offered him ¢1,500 to expose his in the movie. In the story of Komfo Anokye, it is said that he went to take a bath in a river and some women laughed at him and he cursed them. To portray that part, the producer claimed he offered Agya Koo the said amount to go na-ked to make the scene real. That is the only time Agya Koo was seen na-ked in a movie.
Juliet Ibrahim
Juliet Ibrahim In the movie, “4 Play”, Juliet was seen on camera having wild s.e.x with John Dumelo, exposing major parts of her body, with her br.e.a.s.ts in the full glare of viewers

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