A man has been caught on camera in the middle of the road doing a completely unimaginable thing in broad daylight.
The man was caught on the road
This is the moment a pervert was spotted lying on the road as he allegedly bonks a drain cover in broad daylight.
A video shows the weirdo, in a bathrobe, jeans and trainers, lies face down just yards from a busy junction and shops as pedestrians stroll by.
He was seen repeatedly glancing around before appearing to thrust lewdly with his hips in the 11am shocker.
The man then gets up and heads towards a block of flats, where he seems to adjust his trousers with his back to camera.

According to The Sun UK, the footage was taken by a passenger in a passing car. The cops later arrived to nick him in Romford, East London.
The Sun UK reports that two clips, lasting 51 seconds and 1min 17 seconds, (which we cannot display) were released and police but were not played in court.
The accused, Florin Grosu, 33, of Romford, was being hunted by cops last night after snubbing yesterday’s hearing.
Barkingside magistrates issued an arrest warrant when he failed to show
Grosu, thought to be Romanian, is charged with outraging public decency by simulating sex with a drain cover.
He is also charged with exposing his genitals to cause distress or alarm and criminal damage to a police cell mattress.
He faces six months’ jail if guilty.

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