A female tourist was innocently posing for pictures in a zoo without the knowledge of a lion which attacked her in a twinkle of an eye.
The victim groaning in pains after the attack
According to Zambezi reporters, a tourist was mauled by a lion that pounced on her from bushes as she posed for pictures at Safari in Zimbabwe 
Officers say the woman was leaning on a fence when the caged white lion spotted her and raked his gigantic paws down her hip and arm.

The pair had been enjoying the views on a day out together and were taking pictures of the lion enclosure, believing the beasts were further away.
But the white lion was actually just hidden among bushes and pounced as her unnamed boyfriend captured the picture. It is believed she is still in hospital receiving treatment.
The wildlife conservation park boasts zebra, lions, giraffes as well as others and is a sanctuary for older animals who can no longer be in the wild.
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